The Best-Selling Ferrari of All Time

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Though Ferrari deliberately keeps their production numbers low and their models exclusive, there’s something about the 488 that catapulted it to be the best-selling Ferrari of all time.

As a turbo-assisted mid-engined car, the Ferrari 488 boasts more speed-generated downforce, faster gear changes and better adaptive suspension – all adding up to a dream of a car.

It looks stunning on the curbside and is a beauty to drive. Powered by Ferrari’s V8 engine, this model delivers the killer looks and uncompromising performance that you’d expect from one of the most audacious car brands in the world.

Performance Meets Style

The Ferrari 488 is a convertible supercar that manages to offer a folding roof without any downside to the driving performance. Somehow, Ferrari has engineered the 488 so that the extra weight on the roof doesn’t affect how the car handles.

In other words, yes, you can have it all – the joy of driving with the roof down, without any of the performance compromises you’d expect to pay for that experience.

The style is as killer as you’d expect from Ferrari. There are some design improvements to the older, beloved 458 Italia that the 488 is set to replace.

These include sharper, sleeker lines and a more modern revamp to the design of both front and rear. When it’s still, it looks like it’s about to go, and when it’s moving, it looks sublimely in its element.

The V8 Engine that Delivers

The 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 delivers 492 kW of power and 760 Nm of torque – more than enough for anything you could want to throw at the Ferrari 488. However, the engine delivers all of this in style, without being deafeningly loud.

All in all, the V8 engine is a brilliant work of art and drives like a dream. As soon as you make a request to the engine, the car delivers immediately without a detectable lag. For pure finesse of engineering, there is a good reason why the 488 is the best-selling Ferrari of all time.

The Thrill of Driving the 488

Nothing beats the driving experience of the Ferrari 488. Put the pedal to the road, and you’ll be able to feel the sheer power that the engine can deliver, raw and hungry.

Built for drivers and designed to be loved, you’ll need a keen level of attention in the driver’s seat. While anyone can jump in and drive it, there are no backseat drivers when it comes to the Ferrari 488.

The feeling of the engine’s power is all part of the experience, especially if you’re on a stretch of open road with the convertible rooftop down.

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