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    Do you need to sell a car younger than 2012 and driven less than 150,000 km? Or do you have a classic car to sell?

    Do you need to sell a car younger than 2012 and driven less than 150,000 km? Or do you have a classic car to sell?

    Either fill out the online form or pick up the phone to us. You can reach us at 1800 Sell Sell (1800 735 573).

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      Sell My Car - FAQs

      You won't get far with trying to sell your car without the proper documentation! Tripping over the paperwork is a common way for someone to make a mistake when they sell a car.

      The specifics for each document will vary from state to state, but the principles are the same across the country.

      First, you need to have proof of ownership. The document that proves this is the Registration Certificate.

      As the sale passes the vehicle on to the new owner, you need a form for Transfer of Ownership. This form is usually available as a download from the official website of the state's transport authority, or you can pick up a hard copy in any local office.

      The Transfer of Ownership is your official notice that you are no longer the owner of the vehicle. This comes in handy if you want to avoid any demerit points or fines earned by the new owner of the car!

      Thirdly, you need a receipt to show that both parties have agreed to the purchase. This can be as simple as a hand-written note, as long as it has the date, price, some identifying information for the car, and both parties' names and signatures.

      Lastly, whether or not you need a roadworthy certificate (RWC) to sell your car depends on the rules of the state or territory you're in.

      Otherwise, you'll want to hold on to any other useful documentation, such as the owner's manual, servicing logbook, and receipts for the parts and labour that's gone into maintaining the vehicle.

      Whether or not you can sell your car without a Road-Worthy Certificate depends on the state or territory where you're selling your car.

      In New South Wales, you can sell a car without a RWC. If the vehicle is more than 5 years old, it'd need to pass an annual safety inspection before its registration can be renewed. However, that would be a consideration for the car's new owner.

      However, in Victoria and Queensland, you can only sell a car with a RWC. VicRoads doesn’t specify who is responsible for making sure the car has a RWC at the point of sale, so it could be arranged by either the seller or the buyer.

      Either way, the cost of the RWC would be reflected in the price of the car. Usually, it's the seller who arranges the RWC, unless the buyer is a licensed car dealer.

      In ACT, you need a RWC to sell your car, if the car is more than 6 years old. In the other states and territories, you can sell your car without a RWC.

      Selling cars under finance takes a little bit longer than it would otherwise, but it's still entirely legal and doable.

      If you still have part of a car loan owing on your vehicle, that's no obstacle to selling it. If it's time to move on - perhaps you don't need the car anymore, or you're moving to a different make and model for whatever reason - then you can sell your car under finance.

      The same, simple process for Sell My Car still applies. All you need to do is submit a form with your contact details and some information about your car, then have a quick phone call with our consultant. From there, we'll make you a cash offer which you can accept or negotiate.

      Once we've got the green light, you'll have cash in hand within 2-3 business days for a car under finance. Ready to get started? Call Sell My Car right now.

      If you sell your car and buy a new one, all you need to do is update the vehicle on your car insurance policy. This is pretty easy to do. There's no cancellation of insurance involved, just some paperwork.

      The details of the car should be updated on the insurance policy within 14 days of buying a new car. The insurance policy will be updated, and you may have to pay extra insurance, if your new car is worth more or at greater risk than the old one.

      If you sell your car without buying a new vehicle to replace it, again, it's pretty easy to cancel your car insurance.

      Most car insurance policies can be cancelled at any time. There will be a phone number or other contact point where you can get in touch to organise cancellation. Whether or not you have to pay a cancellation fee, or be paid a refund for unused insurance, will depend on your exact insurance policy.

      "I need to sell my car now!" For those of us in a hurry, don't worry - you can sell your old car for cash, fast and securely. It's the best way to sell a car for anyone who doesn't have hours to spare.

      With Sell My Car, all you need to do is submit an online form with a few basic details, then have a brief phone conversation to chase up any remaining details we need.

      Our professional vehicle valuers can value your car from the information you provide us, online and over the phone. That means we can give you a Sell My Car instant quote, without any physical vehicle inspections or test drives needed - keeping the process convenient and quick.

      Once we've agreed on the price to sell your car fast, it's like falling downhill. We'll take your car away and you'll have the cash in hand, within 48 hours.