How to Sell Your Old Car for Cash

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Here’s how to sell your old car for cash with us:

  1. Fill out the online form, or call us.
  2. We make a genuine offer for a cash purchase.
  3. We inspect the car.
  4. You sell your old car for cash!

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    What makes us the best way to sell your car for cash
    in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and regional NSW?

    You talk to a real car valuer.

    We are professionals at valuing cars - not just some data-driven blurb or an online generic valuation system that has no obligation to follow through!

    We make a genuine cash offer.

    We don’t give an opinion, we make a real offer to purchase, on the spot! Even if we don't buy your car, we offer you loads of free advice.

    We keep it fast and simple.

    Once we've agreed on a price, we inspect the car, and if everything is as expected, we pay - on the spot! It's that simple. Contact Sell My Car for cash now.

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    Where to Sell Your Car for Cash

    You can contact Sell My Car for cash in Sydney, regional NSW, Melbourne and Brisbane.

    Makes and Models We Specialise In

    Makes and Models We Specialise In

    • Any car 2012 and onwards with low mileage, under 150,000 km, with history.
    • Any classic car.

    We love all prestige brands and late-model cars, SUVs and 4WDs. We love European brands, and Korean and Japanese favourites such as Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Mazda & Honda. As well as classic cars!

    It will only take a moment to fill out the online form for your offer. We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

    Don't have time to fill out the form? Then call us at 1800 Sell Sell (1800 735 573). There is a 24/7 message service available if there's no answer. Simply leave us with your name, valid mobile & email.

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      Sell My Old Car for Cash - FAQs

      The best place to sell an old car, for cash, is a service like Sell My Car. It's the most convenient way to get cash in hand for your old car to be driven away.

      It's as simple as filling out the online form, or giving us a quick call, so we have your basic details. Our professional car valuers will use this information to make you a genuine cash offer.

      Otherwise, another option is car dealerships. Dealerships are usually built around a single brand - so a Kia dealership only buys and sells Kia cars, and so on.

      Dealerships also prefer to do a trade-in deal, meaning that you sell your car at the same time as buying your next vehicle. This can lock customers in - into a dealership they may not want to stay with, or into a car brand they may want to explore beyond.

      What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Sell My Car for cash in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and regional NSW.

      Are you moving interstate or even overseas? Have you snapped up another vehicle, and already paid the deposit on it? Either way, life happens and sometimes it gets to the point of, How can I sell my car for cash now?

      Usually, when it comes to selling an old car for cash, it's a tedious and time-consuming process to get everything ready. When you don't have the time to spare, your options are more limited.

      However, they're also more convenient. You can rely on services such as Sell My Car, for cash in Sydney, regional NSW, Melbourne or Brisbane.

      We offer a slick, streamlined process that'll have you walking away with the money in your hand in no time. Simply get in contact - via the online form, or by calling 1800 Sell Sell (1800 735 573).

      Take a moment to leave a few details, and then our car valuers will be able to make you a genuine quote. Once you've accepted, you can have the payment within 48 hours, or within 2-3 days if you're selling your car under finance.

      It's the question every car owner will have to face, at some point. We all come to a time when you need to sell the old car for cash.

      But how do you know when it's time? Too soon, and you've created a hassle for yourself getting rid of a perfectly workable vehicle. Too late, and you put yourself at risk of costly repair jobs piling up.

      The best judge of the car's condition is its age. Just because a car is old doesn't mean you have to sell; if it's been maintained well, a car can last for years and years with hardly any problems.

      But if a car is old and it's starting to make strange noises or juddering movements, it may be a sign to move on before you start paying for faults. A new car may be expensive, but so is an old car that needs constant repair work.

      Contact Sell My Car for cash in Brisbane, Sydney, regional NSW and Melbourne.