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Simply fill out our online form, or call us at 1800 Sell Sell (1800 735 573). From the details you give us, our car valuers will be able to come back to you with a genuine cash offer.

Once we've agreed to the price, you can have the sale wrapped up and your payment complete within 48 hours, or within 2-3 days if your car has a loan outstanding on it.

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    Don't get trapped with an old vehicle you feel you can't get rid of! Here's how to sell a car in NSW:

    Step 1: out the form with your contact details and some basic information about the car.

    Step 2: Within the hour, you'll receive a call with some more questions. It'll be quick!

    Step 3: We'll value your car and get back to you with a genuine cash offer.

    Step 4: Once you accept, you can be paid within 48 hours, or 2-3 days if you have a car loan owing.

    Sell My Car NSW is the easiest way to get cash in hand, fast, for your vehicle.

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    Sell My Car NSW are professional valuers, in touch with current market conditions, supply and demand. We'll give you a fair and competitive offer for your vehicle.

    From cars to SUVs to 4WDs, we take them all.

    We'll take any make or model, as long as your vehicle is from 2012 onwards and has been driven less than 150,000 km. Unless it's a classic car we're talking about - then we'll take anything!

    Don't worry about whether you'll be able to sell your car in NSW, just reach out to us today! If you're looking for how to sell a car in NSW, get in touch with our team now.

      Sell My Old Car for Cash - FAQs

      There are many different ways to sell a car in NSW. You can sell privately, to a dealership or to a dealer.

      In a private sale, the responsibility of the entire process is on you. From cleaning the car to advertising it online, you also have to meet each potential buyer for a test drive. You have to handle the documentation and make sure you actually are paid for your vehicle.

      Though you can knock up the price if you sell privately, it may not be worth the hassle and safety concerns. Many people prefer to sell a car in NSW to a dealer.

      Physical car dealerships usually specialise in one brand or two joint brands. They also prefer if you do a trade-in deal, meaning you sell your car in NSW and buy a new one from them at the same time. This locks you into the same brand and same dealership.

      An online dealer is the easiest option. You can start the process entirely online, by filling out the form, or over the phone if that's more your style. You'll get a cash offer, and once you've agreed to it, your car can be sold within 48 hours.

      If you're ready to get started, fill out the online form at Sell My Car NSW.

      Selling your car in NSW? A private sale is the toughest way to get a vehicle off your hands.

      While it seems simple to post a car for sale online, it can be tricky to sort through and find a legitimate buyer.

      Once you've organised to meet up with a potential buyer, the rough steps at the point of sale are:

      • Exchange your ID details - just to make sure the person is who they say they are.
      • Write or print a receipt notice. This should have: both parties' names; identifying details for the vehicle such as its make, model, registration number and Vehicle Identification Number; the price of the vehicle; the date of sale; and a statement that the payment has been made in full with no outstanding amount.
      • Both parties sign the Bill of Sale.
      • The seller submits a Notice of Disposal to the NSW Roads & Maritime Services (RMS).
      • The buyer submits the vehicle registration to the RMS.

      As well as the level of effort required to get to this point, there's also the added danger of a payment not coming through. For example, if a dodgy buyer pays with a bank transfer or a cheque, these can both be cancelled during the processing of the payment.

      Otherwise, if they're paying in cash, you'll be dealing with wads of cash that could amount to thousands of dollars.

      For both convenience and safety, turning to a dealer to sell a car in NSW is the better option.

      There are a number of documents you'll need to sell a car in NSW.

      First, you'll need the original copy of the Registration Document or a renewal notice. This proves that you are the owner of the vehicle.

      You also need the Dealer Warranty Form, either the original or a certified copy. This document shows the warranty status of the car. It will detail how much longer the original warranty of the car will last for, and the terms of this warranty.

      Next, make sure you prepare your Sales Contract or Proof of Purchase. You need this document when selling your car in NSW, which includes information such as the original value of the car, its engine size, safety features, any alterations made to the vehicle, and other details.

      Finally, make sure you have your Notice of Disposal, to submit to the NSW Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) to notify them that you're no longer the owner of the vehicle.

      Don't want to deal with the hassle of paperwork? Sell My Car NSW is the easiest and quickest way to sell a car in NSW. You don't need any documentation to get started!

      Just fill out our online form with the basic details of your car. It'll take a moment of your time. Our professional valuers will be in touch with a genuine cash offer to sell your car in NSW.

      You can sell an unregistered car in NSW, as long as the car has a cleared title.

      Has the registration on your car expired? If you're planning on selling your car in NSW, there's no need to stump up the payment for registration, just to sell it on to the new owner.

      All you need to make sure is that the car has a cleared title. If you're wondering how to sell cars in NSW quickly and easily, registered or otherwise, use Sell My Car NSW. You can fill out our online form or give us a brief call.

      All we need is a moment to grab the basic details about your car, then we'll be able to come back to you with a genuine cash offer for your car.