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Life moves on and it's time to sell! If you want to get paid for your car as fast as possible, it's time to contact Sell My Car Brisbane.

Private sales aren't worth the hassle and you can go round and round in circles before a dealer gives you a quote straight. Not us.

If you spend just a moment of your time filling out our online form, Sell My Car Brisbane will come back to you asap with a genuine cash offer.

Once you accept, you can have your car sold in as little as 48 hours. Congrats, you've sold your car!

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    Sell Your Car for Cash

    Ready to get started with Sell My Car Brisbane?

    Fill out our online form or call us at 1800 Sell Sell (1800 735 573). You only need to give us a few details about your car - such as its make, model and age.

    We'll need your contact details, of course, so we can contact you with your cash offer. It doesn't get any easier than this!

    Within the hour, we'll give you a call for some follow-up questions. We know your time is important, so we'll keep the call quick!

    From there, Sell My Car Brisbane will value your car and get back to you with a genuine cash offer. Once you accept, you can be paid within 48 hours, or 2-3 days if you have a car loan outstanding.

    Why Choose Us?

    Doesn't matter the make or the model - you can sell any car to Sell My Car Brisbane.

    From cars to SUVs to 4WDs, we'll take any vehicle that's from 2012 onwards and has been driven less than 150,000 km. The exceptions are classic cars - then we'll take anything!

    Our professional car valuers will make a fair price for your vehicle. We know the current market conditions and will make you a competitive offer.

    Once we've agreed to the price, it's time to say bye-bye to the car, because it's already gone. Start by filling out the online form now!

      Sell My Car Brisbane - FAQs

      If you're ready to part with your car, you'll have to weigh up the pros and cons of selling privately, to a dealer or to a car-buying service.

      To sell a car for cash in Brisbane, a private sale gives you the power to set the price and choose the buyer yourself. But none of this comes for free. You have to do all the work!

      A private sale means that you have to take care of every part of the car sale yourself. This ranges from power-washing the car so that it's spotless, to putting out an ad on various online and print channels.

      From there, you have to handle each potential buyer, such as scheduling how to meet for their test drive and how to pay. There's a security aspect to this as well - you don't want to be left behind while they drive off in your car.

      It's much easier to sell your car in Brisbane to a dealer or car-buying service. This way, you can rely on professional valuers to set a fair price for the car. As they are connected to a wide network of buyers, it's often the fastest way to sell your car for cash in Brisbane.

      See the results for yourself! Start by filling out the online form at Sell My Car Brisbane today.

      The fastest ways to sell your car for cash in Brisbane are to sell it to an online car-buying service. These are less restrictive than car dealerships and less work than selling privately.

      If you don't have much time on your hands, you are somewhat limited in your options. A private sale is a chance for the best price on your vehicle - but this is a time-consuming process.

      A private sale means you have to do everything yourself - from advertising the car, to meeting potential buyers, to negotiating prices, to handling paperwork, to working out how you'll actually get paid for the car.

      If you're out to get rid of your vehicle fast, there's no way a private sale will be the best choice. However, a car dealership isn't the best answer either. Out of all your options, dealerships usually offer the lowest price for your car.

      If you're after a fast, easy sale for a fair price - this kind of sale is exactly what online car-buying services are for.

      With Sell My Car Brisbane, you don't have to do anything to get started except submit an online form with some contact details and basic information about your car. You don't even have to drive the car anywhere until we've already agreed on a price you like.

      Get started today by filling out the online form.

      When it comes to selling cars for cash in Brisbane, while you may think first of a car dealership, we're no longer in the 20th century. The modern option is a much faster and easier way to get a better price for your vehicle.

      Dealers are often highly restrictive over which vehicles they'll buy. For one thing, they usually only trade in one brand or make, so you'll have to find the right dealership near you for your car.

      You also can't start the selling process until you've physically visited and spoken with their sales team. Why deal with the hassle? You're trying to sell the car in Brisbane, not drive it for a tour across all the dealerships.

      Even then, dealers almost never negotiate on the price they offer you. And if they think your car isn't up to their quality standards? Good luck changing their mind.

      Dealerships have a lot of overhead costs that an online buyer doesn't - and one way or another, you'll have to pay for this. Dealers can pay the rent for their car yard because they offer you a lower price when buying your car.

      It doesn't have to be so hard to sell your car for cash in Brisbane. Just fill out the online form for Sell My Car Brisbane.

      Looking to sell your car in Brisbane, instantly? You can try a car dealership, but you'll get a quicker sale - and even with a higher price - from an online service like Sell My Car Brisbane.

      You can contact Sell My Car fast in Brisbane - it'll only take a minute of your time. Start by filling out the online form. We need contact details for you and some basic information for your car. We'll be asking questions about the make, model and age of the vehicle.

      Within the hour of submitting the form, we'll give you a call with some follow-up questions. Then we'll give you a quote for how much we'll pay you for your car. From there, it's an easy process to agree to the price, and you can be paid within 48 hours!

      It's a simple process to contact Sell My Car for cash in Brisbane - just fill out the online form!