Selling Used Cars in Melbourne

If you’ve decided to sell your car, then you don’t want to waste time searching for buyers. You need a smooth and seamless sale that guarantees a good price and a fair deal. Luckily, that’s just what Sell My Car Melbourne delivers!

At Sell My Car Melbourne, our team offers an outstanding alternative to a private sale. Avoid the effort, stress and hassle that comes with trying to organise a used car sale.

Because we buy your vehicle directly from you, Sell My Car Melbourne is the quickest and easiest way to get the price you deserve for your vehicle.

Why risk it when you can choose to work with Sell My Car Melbourne? We make the entire process painless. From quote to cash, it’s now easier than ever before.

If you’re looking to sell a used car in Melbourne, then simply fill out our online form. It's simply the best way to sell a car in Melbourne.

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    We’ll Sell Your Car Fast

    At Sell My Car Melbourne, our trusted auto team will take you from quote to cash transfer faster than ever before. Our streamlined sales process offers the best way for local drivers to sell their vehicles in an easy and efficient way.

    We help drivers who have spent months searching for a buyer - only to be let down at the last minute by shady customers, unrealistic offers and cancelled appointments.

    During this time, vehicles are left to deteriorate and depreciate. The reality is that every day you don’t sell your car is costing you money.

    But don't think to take your car to a car dealership! Dealers often offer the lowest price for a used car - and you deserve better than that.

    So why risk it? Choose Sell My Car Melbourne. We make it faster than ever to sell a used car in Melbourne - at a price that offers unbeatable value for money.

    Get Your Instant Quote Now

    Now, you can sell your car in Melbourne in just a few simple steps.

    Fill out our online form, or if you prefer to talk than type, call us at 1800 Sell Sell (1800 735 573). All we need from you to start with is your contact details and some basic info about your car - such as its make, model and age.

    Within the hour, one of our agents will give you a follow-up call. Our professional car valuers can offer you a fair, accurate price for how much we’ll pay for your vehicle.

    It really is that simple! Forget the hassle that comes with trying to organise a private sale, find a buyer, and endlessly haggle to get a fair price.

    With Sell My Car Melbourne and our professional quote service, you’ll be able to get a fair valuation for your car within hours. This is the best place to sell your car in Melbourne!

    Sell Your Car for Cash

    At Sell My Car Melbourne, we’re passionate about giving you a fair price for your vehicle. If you’re looking to get a reasonable quote, quick sale, and payment transferred on the day, then our service really is the best way to sell your car in Melbourne!

    Once you’ve received our quote on your vehicle, and are happy with how competitive it is, then you can agree and have the car sold within 48 hours.

    If you still have a car loan outstanding on the vehicle, that's no problem - but it may take a touch longer, with 2-3 days needed from agreeing on the price to finalising the purchase. Either way, don't worry, you'll be selling your car to us.

    Sell My Car Melbourne aims to deliver the most simple way to sell your car in the city. We’ve worked hard to design a smooth and seamless process that ensures you can get a professional industry evaluation and a quick cash transfer for your vehicle.

      Sell My Car Melbourne - FAQs

      If you’ve made the choice to avoid the hassle of a private sale, then the next step is to find a reputable local business that can buy your used car in Melbourne.

      It’s important to do some independent research to find a quality local buyer that is trusted by the local community. You’ll want to consider how simple and efficient their process is, how competitive their quotes are, and how many years of industry experience they offer.

      Sell My Car Melbourne is known as the best place to sell a car in Melbourne. Once you fill out our online form, we'll call you back within the hour. Once we've agreed on the price, you can have the car sold within 48 hours.

      To benefit from this super simple service, just make sure you bring the following documentation:

      1. Your current registration certificate.
      2. 100 points of identification (photo ID & proof of home address).
      3. Your bank details, so we can transfer your payment.
      4. Any outstanding finance on the car that needs to be settled.

      Simply present this paperwork to the Sell My Car Melbourne team and we’ll do the rest! Once you sell with us, you’ll see why so many Melbourne locals see us as the most dependable way to sell a car in Melbourne.

      When you choose to sell to Sell My Car Melbourne, you can guarantee you’re selling to a reputable local buyer. We’ve spent decades partnering with the local community to offer a safe, secure and streamline way to sell used cars in Melbourne.

      Because we offer professional quotes, you can see that our process for valuing your car is based on decades of experience and a detailed understanding of the auto industry.

      Sellers trust us because they know our quotes are always fair and based on real industry standards. You can get a free and honest estimate of what your vehicle is worth from the industry experts at Sell My Car Melbourne.

      Organising a sale with Sell My Car Melbourne takes a matter of minutes. It'll take a moment of your time to fill out our online form! Then we'll call you back within the hour.

      You’ll be able to consider our offer in your own time and do some research online, to see just how competitive our valuations are.

      Our professional sales team will personally take you through the entire process. With many years of auto industry experience, we’ve dedicated ourselves to exceptional customer service and designing a seamless sales process that really is quick and easy.

      If you’re struggling to make your appointment, or you aren’t able to join us in person, then we’re happy to allow someone else to sell your vehicle for you. In addition to the standard paperwork, please also bring along a signed statutory declaration from the owner of the vehicle. Please note that we’ll need 100 points of ID for both the registered vehicle owner and the authorised seller on the day.

      Whatever your circumstances and however you need to sell your vehicle, Sell My Car Melbourne is always happy to help.

      Simply put, this is the best way to sell your car in Melbourne. The process couldn’t be more simple - so why not get started today? Complete our online application form now.