How to sell my car online for free

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Selling products and used items online has become increasingly popular in recent years.

It’s a quick and easy way to reach plenty of potential customers. But how to do so in a way that’s safe, cost-effective and ensures you receive the very best price?

At Sell My Car, our team has compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks to help you sell your car online for free! Read on to learn more.

Here are some tips to get you started when selling your car online

Time to pick up that camera

When you are thinking of how to sell your old car online, you need to take a range of great pictures that show your car in the most attractive and attention-grabbing ways possible.

Photos are essential for online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. A good picture will capture people’s attention much quicker than having a lot of text.

It would be best to have a gallery of photos of the car you are planning on selling; it will help the potential buyer inspect the vehicle and its condition.

When selling your car online, the best photo in your gallery should be used on the advertising front. It should be at a ¾ angle and remember to include photos of the key fobs, logbooks, and other accessories.

If you are a photography enthusiast, you could take your creativity to another level by engaging with the buyer’s emotions. This can be done by using filters and introducing props; having these extra elements will make the photos more exciting and engaging.

Highlight key features

After creating your gallery of photos, you can start listing down the features of your car.

The model, internal functions, tyres, manufacture year, mileage, condition, and safety technologies should be included.

If you searching for inspiration you could look at the manufacturer’s website to gain a full list of features.

Other than that, during the time when you owned the car, did you make any alterations to it? If so, you should also include them and make them stand out in your online advertisement.

Including the reason for the alteration will give the buyer some background information and show the benefit of this extra addition.

Sharing your experience of when you owned the car will give buyers some insight into your vehicle. Talking about your experience of driving, maintenance and upkeep will give viewers added insight, as well as showing you to be a trusted and authentic seller.

Safety should be a priority

When buyers are looking to purchase a car online, some of them may be unsure of the authenticity and trustworthiness of your post. You can avoid this problem by ensuring your advertisement speaks with honesty and integrity.

If you are selling your car online, you should include a service logbook to ensure your car is in good condition.

Furthermore, including ownership history and mechanical condition will set the buyer’s mind to ease because you are being transparent.

However, some buyers might hire a qualified mechanic to inspect your car’s condition before making their decision.

Here comes the fun part, choosing the right price to sell.

The moment you have been waiting for – setting a reasonable price to sell your car online.

When choosing a price, it should not be outside of the accepted price range for the vehicle. Your pricing may create some assumptions about the condition of the car to buyers.

Some buyers may be sceptical of an overly cheap car. They may begin to wonder about the car’s condition, history and servicing. However, a high price will scare away potential buyers as well.

There are various ways to help you determine the right price for your car.

The best way is to find a trusted online platform and compare similar makes and models to see how much they successfully sold for.

Once you have completed your market research, you will have a general idea of what price range you should consider. Setting the right price will either attract more buyers or scare them away – so make sure you’re working with a trusted online platform like Sell My Car.

The takeaway

Wanting to learn how to sell your car online may be more complicated than going to a car dealer. However, selling it online gives you more control over the price range and who buys it. Sell my Car is Australia’s largest online car sales company. We let you submit your car’s details, talk to one of our experienced consultants and receive an offer. Once agreed upon, we come to collect your car and pay for your car in cash. Selling your car online for free has never been easier!

Got a question for us? We’re always happy to help – call us today on 1800 735 573 or send us an email and we’ll be in touch with a reply ASAP.