How to Maintain a BMW for the Best Resale Value

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A regular BMW maintenance schedule will keep the car running at top performance for years to come, as well as boosting the resale value you can expect when it’s time to move on.

With the pace of technological innovations that are being rolled out, it’s not just the mechanical side, but also about optimising the software to deliver the performance this machine is capable of.

If you’re the proud owner of the luxury that BMW represents, you already know that it’s a vehicle that deserves the love. Here are our top tips for how to maintain it for the best BMW resale value.

It’s What You Eat

You are what you eat, and to some extent, this is true for BMW maintenance as well. As an example of premium engineering, the engine parts have been designed with very specific metal alloys and parts.

These must be lubricated with the correct engine oils, to make sure that the stress on various parts are within the range that they can tolerate.

Think of it this way – premium parts, premium oil. With engine oil, you will get what you pay for, in both fuel economy and preserving BMW resale value.

Make sure you only use top-quality engine oil that’s formulated for the kind of performance you’d expect from a BMW.

The brand isn’t necessarily important, but the oil rating standard is. Consult your owner’s manual for the details, and only use what has been approved by the manufacturer. Make adjustments, as need be, according to the mileage of your vehicle.

Let the Engine Run…

The car is built for driving, after all, so step on the accelerator once in a while. When you’re on a long drive, once the engine has warmed up, boost up to a high speed for a short stretch.

Engine oil has many benefits that make it critical to BMW maintenance. It lubricates parts so the engine delivers top performance – but it also protects the parts and cools the engine, so the engine can last the distance.

Other benefits of engine oil include cleaning out particles so everyone is breathing fewer particulate matter from your emissions.

What does throttling the engine do? It’ll get the oil circulating throughout the system, so that each part can be fully lubricated. This will protect the parts and overall engine in the long run – and it’s the kind of thing that will trickle down to reflect in your BMW’s resale value.

…but Not Just Down the Road

On the other hand, avoid taking the car out just for short trips, wherever possible.

In terms of BMW maintenance, if you’re just going down the road, your legs are better for that. Short trips mean that you’re constantly running the engine while it’s cold, without ever letting it warm up.

The effects of wearing down the engine may not show up if your car is still new. However, once it’s starting to get longer in the tooth, make sure you’re always gentle on the engine to protect your BMW’s resale value.

And, as always – don’t let the car sit in a garage for weeks at a time. Even if you’re just turning the engine on without driving, make sure the engine runs and circulates oil around – for at least 20 minutes, once per week.

Take Steps Now to Sell Later

Want to sell your car for the highest BMW resale value you can possibly get? It’s key to take care of your BMW maintenance – right from the start.

This means, if you’re looking to sell a car in the near future, it may be too late to start thinking about how to maintain your car.

You may not have kept on top of your regular BMW maintenance schedule – everyone’s busy. Or you may have smoked or had a spill inside – it’s your car, after all. These kinds of things can bring a whole host of problems, if selling to a private buyer or a dealership.

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