European Cars with the Highest Car Resale Value

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Some European cars are a double-edged sword. A quality brand can be worth so much more than a more mainstream brand – but will the car hold onto its value as the years add on?

Unless you intend to drive the car for the next decade or two, the car resale value of a European car is just as important to consider as the original purchase price.

It all depends on the specific make and model. If you want luxury that’ll stay valuable for the years to come, browse our list of European car makes and models with the highest car resale value.

Volkswagen Golf

Part of what drives up a car’s resale value is whether it’ll keep running, even as the years pile on. And that’s exactly the case for the Volkswagen Golf.

True to what you could expect from its German makers, the Volkswagen Golf is a car that will just keep on driving. Its popularity is clear from how many times the model has been released.

Now, well into its 8 generation, the Golf has changed little over its many releases – mostly only in the design of body lines as the engine itself is as solid as it ever was.

The Volkswagen Golf is a sensible and widely useful design. It’s a smaller car that won’t be heavy on the fuel consumption. But the hatchback door and roomy interior gives plenty of space to fit everything inside.

This is the European car that can be resold for a decently high price. A Golf buyer can be safe in the knowledge that this car can last for hundreds of thousands of kilometres.

Simply put, the Golf is one of the best choices for high resale values among cars.

Audi A5

The Audi A5 has won awards for its ability to hold onto its value. Among other European car brands, the A5 is a top-performing luxury car that retains its value for several years after the initial purchase.

With exceptional standards in both performance and safety, it’s a popular model that will always see a buyer lining up to take it off your hands.

Porsche Cayman

One of the most recognisable designs among luxury cars, Porsche is a top brand to buy if you’re after a European car with a high resale value.

The Porsche Cayman is one of the more affordable models in the Porsche range – in terms of the price for a new vehicle, as well as the fact that it holds onto about two-thirds of its value after the first three years.

With exquisite engineering and one of the most highly regarded brand names, combined with a high car resale value, this is one of the best European cars available on the market today.

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is the best choice if you’re after a Porsche with a high car resale value, but not as entry-level as the Cayman.

This larger SUV model comes with an incredible turbo engine that is always going to interest and excite people – hence, you can rely on a high residual value to drive up the price you can sell it on for.

Though its original price tag is higher, the Porsche Cayenne retains about two-thirds of its original value after three years, similar to the Cayman.

Lamborghini Urus

Sometimes, you just want to turn the extravagance up to the max.

Want a well-known European car that looks the part, but will still have a high car resale value in the future? The Lamborghini Urus is the way to go.

This model has the same MLB platform for its modular construction as the Porsche Cayenne. What sets the Lambo aside is its design – unlike the more subtle Porsche, this Italian car isn’t trying to hide what it’s about.

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