Audi Q5 Review

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The Audi Q5 represents some of the best examples of Bavarian engineering available on the market today. A mid-size luxury SUV, it’s one of the most popular Audis to ever hit the shores of Australia.

The model has recently been given a new facelift, introducing a fresh new look while keeping all the aspects of its build and design that made it so popular in the first place.

Take a dive into this Audi Q5 review to discover the new features and technology that have been added to the model.

Highlights of the Interior

The Audi Q5 has been revamped in the interior, utilising a raft of new technologies to make the ride even more comfortable.

First and foremost, this means a larger touchscreen. After all, no matter how smooth it feels on the road, it can still be an uncomfortable driving experience if you’re trying to navigate from a tiny screen.

This won’t be the case with the Audi Q5. At 10.1 inches across, and capable of supporting the full suite of multimedia, it’s a refreshingly wide new touchscreen interface. The screen supports both Android Auto connectivity (via a wire) and Apple CarPlay (which offers wireless connection).

Like all Audi models, the  Audi Q5 comes with the carmaker’s signature Virtual Cockpit. If you are already the owner of Audi vehicles, you’ll be well-versed with this layout of this standardised instrument cluster.

Full Comfort for All Passengers

The added comfort features of the Audi Q5 don’t stop at the screen.

For both driver and passengers to be able to relax in style, the Audi Q5 offers fully electrical adjustment for the front seats, while the rear seats have the option of further back angle adjustment as needed.

Each of the five seats have been appointed in leather, for a sumptuous and stylish look.

On top of that, the climate control can be fine-tuned separately for three zones of the vehicle, aided by the rear digital display for your passengers in the back seats. Combined with ambient interior lighting, there’s no part of the experience that cna’t be adjusted to meet you and your passengers’ needs.

Accessorise Your Audi Q5

The centre console has been adjusted as well, so the Audi Q5 comes with some extra storage space.

There’s even a charging bay for wireless phone charging in the console, for the easiest access point to keep your mobile phone topped up.

Finally, any plastic cladding has been replaced, so the finish is now perfectly painted. The alloy wheels have been upgraded as well, from 18 inches to a wider 19-inch span.

These finishing touches make the Audi Q5 the sleek, stylish ride that it is, and one of the most head-turning SUVs out there on the market.

Plenty of Space in the Boot

With a full 520 litres of space in the boot, there’s more than enough to go around for the entire family.

While this may seem a touch on the smaller side, compared to some of its competitors, you’re unlikely to ever run out of space with this SUV. The Audi Q5 is an SUV designed to be spacious enough to carry your entire group, both inside the body and in the boot as well.

On top of that, this model has a towing capacity of 2000 kg – so if your family has a trailer or a recreational vehicle, such as a small boat or jetski, the Audi Q5 will be able to carry everyone and everything.

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