5 ways to sell a luxury European used car

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Is it time to make the move to the latest model? Maybe you’ve got a little one on the way and you need a little bit more space. Or you might simply be looking to offload one of your cars because you don’t have any use for it anymore.

There are a number of different reasons for selling a car. If you’re ready to sell your used luxury European car, you might be a little confused about the best way to actually get the job done.

Because there are quite a few selling options available, aren’t there? And when it comes to selling a luxury European car, not all of them are created equal.

To help you make a more informed decision on which selling method you choose, here is a rundown of each.

Selling to a dealer

It might feel like this is the easiest and quickest method to sell your European luxury vehicle. And next to our car buying service, you could be right. But that definitely doesn’t also mean you’re going to get even close to a fair price from them.

Dealers are salespeople, pure and simple. They’re trained to sell high and buy low, which is exactly what they’ll do with you because they know it’s one of the easy options so you ‘pay for the privilege’, so to speak.

Trading it in

If you’re planning on buying another car, you could be considering using your luxury Euro car as a trade-in.

What you must remember when trading in any car, not just a luxury European vehicle, is that dealers will use its sale price to manipulate the numbers and make it look like you’re getting an outstanding deal when you’re getting anything but.

If you do go down this road, make sure you separate all the figures out so it’s absolutely clear what you’re paying for the new car and how much you’re getting for your used car. And don’t do it all when you’re in there for the first time; take the figures home with you and read through it all before making a final decision.

Selling privately

A private sale is a great way to sell a car when you’re looking to get a higher price than a trade-in or selling it to a dealership. But…

If you’ve never sold a car privately before, get ready for a long, drawn-out process involving umpteen tyre kickers and time-wasters. Sure, you’re selling a high-end European vehicle, but that doesn’t mean your prospective buyers aren’t, in a word, frustrating to deal with at times.

Taking it to the auctions

Selling your car at an auction can often be quite a headache due to all of the ins and outs that are involved in doing so. And jumping through all of the hoops required doesn’t even guarantee that your car will actually sell, either.

Cash for cars

There are quite a few ‘cash for cars’ places out there. Many of them, we recommend not touching with a ten-foot pole; they’ll often substantially underquote in the hopes that their customers haven’t done their research beforehand.

However, then there are places like… Well, us! We use fair market values to provide our customers with the hottest sale prices, and make the entire process as simple and straightforward as possible.

It’s as easy as entering in some details for your free valuation, then we’ll be in touch to have a chat and (hopefully!) come to an agreed price. Then we’ll arrange an inspection and, if everything’s all good, you’ll get paid on the spot.

Take it to the European car buying experts

At Sell My Car Australia, we have worked with countless Australians just like you to buy their European cars for a great price and we’ll do exactly the same for you. With a number of years in this business, we’ve gained a great reputation as a fair and reasonable ‘cash for cars’ business – as our many testimonials show.

We’re not only an expert with European vehicles but also with all makes and models, and will offer the best market price on any vehicle manufactured from 2012 onwards with fewer than 150,000 kilometres and history (unless it’s a classic!). So if you’re interested in getting an obligation-free quote for your car, get your free car valuation today!

If you have any questions for us or would like to discuss your vehicle further, please feel free to contact us by calling 1800 735 573 or sending us an email.